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YSF-2017 Origins

The III International Young Scientists Forum on Applied Physics and Engineering YSF-2017 has grown on ideas of Kharkiv Young Scientist Conference YSC which was held annually at O. Ya. Usikov Institute for Radiophysics and Electronics NASU for 14 years starting from 2000. Those years were filled with overall number of participants exceeding 1000 and more than 120 incredible speakers from all over the world including USA, Canada, UK, France, Italy, Germany etc. There have been 7 career development workshops that in 2014 were transformed into the KIT workshop, a mixture of science and technology. During those 14 years there were lots of chats and new connections. For us, as for organizers, all of this was pretty amazing experience.

2015 became the year when "pretty amazing" was not enough. We felt like we should grow and unite with other active young scientists. 2015 was the year when we started a new stage: we organized the first International Young Scientists Forum on Applied Physics YSF-2015. Comparing to YSC, the scientific scope of YSF-2015 was extremely widened. Since then Young Scientists Forum became a wonderful tradition, which unites lots of amazing young scientists once a year in one of Ukrainian cities. In 2015 YSF took part in beautiful city Dnipro with the main venue in O. Honchar Dnipropetrovsk National University. We had many fantastic talks by leading scientists, incentive workshops about grand opportunities, MOOCs, the first Ukrainian nanosatellite, 3d-printing, and many more. It was the year when we mixed and freshened things up. In 2016 we came back to Kharkiv with even greater eagerness to organize a worthwhile event. That year at YSF-2016 we talked about scientific entrepreneurship and science popularization, on various SciHacks we had short presentations on vital for young scientists topics, we had many inspiring talks by leading scientists. Of course, each time young scientists had an opportunity to practice their presentational skills, learn something new, build new links and make friends.

This year the Young Scientists Forum is coming to Lviv, beautiful and inspiring city! We are sure it will inspire each of the participants to have a wonderful and fruitful time! For YSF-2017 our team plan new exciting scientific lectures and social events.
Stay tuned!

Recent News

It was amazing! Thank you all for making YSF-2017 so special!

The photos/videos are available here.

Important Dates

3 April 2017
Registration and submission opening

25 June 2017
Deadline for on-line registration and paper submission

9 July 2017
Extended deadline for on-line registration and paper submission

21 July 2017
Deadline for travel grant application

21 Aug 2017
Notification of acceptance

4 Sept 2017
Travel support notification

10 Sept 2017
Deadline for submission of final papers

17-20 Oct 2017
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