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This year Ivan Franko National University of Lviv is kindly hosting YSF-2017 by providing the reading rooms of its Scientific library, one of the oldest ones in Ukraine.

In October 2008 Ivan Franko Scientific library celebrated its 400 anniversary! This is also one of the biggest libraries in Ukraine with a collection of more than 3 million of volumes. It keeps many unique editions and manuscripts, for example, books from the personal collection of French King Louis XV, Polish King Sigismund II, Frech Cardinal Mazarini and Hetman Ivan Mazepa.

The city Lviv is of high interest by itself. Lviv, translated as "The city of Lion", was founded in 1256 as a capital city of the powerful medieval Halichyna Duchy; its founder, Grand Duke Danylo was the only duke of the Rurik dynastical roots who was crowned by Pope. Later Lviv played important role in the 14 to the 20 century as one of the major cities in the Polish Kingdom, then the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and finally the Republic of Poland. After the end of WWII Lviv became the main center of the Western part of Ukraine, then a part of the USSR and independent nation since 1991.

Nowadays Lviv is a beautiful city with population about one million and a hub of science, higher education, and IT industry. It is a perfectly safe place in today's turbulent times that is certified by the large expat community and growing numbers of tourists flocking to this ancient center of the so-called Ukrainian Piedmont.

Recent News

It was amazing! Thank you all for making YSF-2017 so special!

The photos/videos are available here.

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3 April 2017
Registration and submission opening

25 June 2017
Deadline for on-line registration and paper submission

9 July 2017
Extended deadline for on-line registration and paper submission

21 July 2017
Deadline for travel grant application

21 Aug 2017
Notification of acceptance

4 Sept 2017
Travel support notification

10 Sept 2017
Deadline for submission of final papers

17-20 Oct 2017
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